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Pepsico’s Diversifi cation Strategy In 2008 19 CASE ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1. What is PepsiCo’s corporate strategy? Briefl y identify the business strategies that PepsiCo is using in each of its consumer business segments in 2008. 2. What is your assessment of the long-term attractiveness of the industries represented in PepsiCo’s business portfolio? 3. What is your assessment of the competitive strength of PepsiCo’s different business units? 4. What does a 9-cell industry attractiveness/business strength matrix displaying PepsiCo’s business units look like? 5. Does PepsiCo’s portfolio exhibit good strategic fi t? What value-chain match-ups do you see? What opportunities for skills transfer, cost sharing, or brand sharing do you see? 6. Does PepsiCo’s portfolio exhibit good resource fi
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