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Practice for Lab, chapter 26 1. You have a summer job with the telephone company investigating the vulnerability of underground telephone lines to natural disasters. Your task is to write a computer program that will be used determine the possible harm to a telephone wire from the high electric fields caused by lightning. The underground telephone wire is supported in the center of a long, straight steel pipe that protects it. When lightening hits the ground it charges the steel pipe. Since you think that the largest field on the wire will be where it leaves the end of the pipe, you calculate the electric field at that point as a function of the length of the pipe, the radius of the pipe, and the charge on the pipe. 2. While working in a University research laboratory your group is given the job of testing an electrostatic scale, used to precisely measure the weight of small objects. The device consists of two light strings attached to a support so that they hang straight down. A different object is attached to the other end of each string. One of the objects has a very
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