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In lab Circuits HW 1. While trying to find the power ratings of your appliances you find their circuit diagrams. Looking them over, your friend believes there must be a typo in the circuit diagram of your toaster. The heating element that toasts the bread is listed as having a resistance of 5 ohms. A variable resistor, which is changed by a knob on front of the toaster, has a range of from 2 to 20 ohms. Your friend feels that an element with this resistance will not toast bread properly. Based on the circuit diagram, given below, you decide to calculate the maximum power output by the heating element. 2. You have a summer job in the University ecology lab. Your supervisor asks you to duplicate an electromagnet that she has borrowed. She tells you that this electromagnet is made by wrapping a wire many times around a piece of iron and provides you with all the parts, the same type of wire of the same diameter and an identical iron core. What you need to know is how much wire to wrap around the iron. Unfortunately, you cannot simply unwrap the wire from the
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