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assignment2 - I and a(b Calculate the vector potential...

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Classical Electrodynamics II Spring 2010 Prof. Hyun-Chul Kim Assignment 2: Magnetic energies and magnetic multipoles The due date for this assignment is Wednesday March 24, 2010. 1. Wangsness 18-13 2. Wangsness 18-17 3. Wangsness 18-18 4. Wangsness 19-5 5. Wangsness 19-10 6. There are two parallel wires, each of radius a carrying equal currents I along the z axis in opposite directions. The distance between the centers of the wires is h . (a) Calculate the current densities in terms
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Unformatted text preview: I and a . (b) Calculate the vector potential inside and outside the wires. You may solve the following equation: ∇ 2 A z = − µ J z , 1 r ∂ ∂r ( r ∂A z ∂r ) = { − µ J z r ≤ a, r > a (1) (c) Calculate the magnetic field at a point outside the wires. (d) Calculate the magnetic energy of the system and determine the self-inductance from it. 7. Griffiths, Problem 6.5 1...
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