37A - AP World 37A Reading Guide Date: 03.06.11 Pd: 2 Name:...

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AP World 37A Reading Guide Name: Destiny Sze Date: 03.06.11 Pd: 2 New Conflagrations: World War II 1) In a Paragraph, summarize the Origins of World War II (p. 1032 - 1037) Japanese conquest and occupation of China was particularly brutal and shockingly foreshadowed the suffering in the World War to come. In 1937 “The Rape of Nanking”, in which four hundred thousand Chinese residents met death through unimaginable horrors, was the most gruesome example of brutality tied to an ethos of racial superiority the world has seen. Not only did they cruelly rape and murder girls and women, they tortured men, babies, sick, the elderly, etc. They stole from them and treated them worst than dirt. Even today, Japan as a country denies the event ever happened regardless of all the videos, pictures, and victims that have been provided as irrefutable proof. Many of their slaughtering methods against the Chinese were used as examples for the Germans to use against the Jewish. But at least the Germans owned up to their atrocities and live with the embarrassment of the horrific crimes they committed against innocent people. a) Introduction Axis Powers (who) Allied Powers (who) Germany, Italy, Japan France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, China, US, and all other associated allies b) Japan’s War in China When/Where? What? Why? Importance/Impact? Manchuria had historically been a Chinese territory until the twentieth century threatened by Japan’s economic interest in Manchuria. Japan launched an attack on
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37A - AP World 37A Reading Guide Date: 03.06.11 Pd: 2 Name:...

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