37B - AP World 37B Reading Guide Date: 03.06.11 Pd: 2 Name:...

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AP World 37B Reading Guide Name: Destiny Sze Date:03.06.11 Pd: 2 1) In a Paragraph, summarize The World Under Fire (p. 1037 - 1046) Traditionally, nations have made public declarations of war preceding the fight: WWII would prove different. The rapid fall of Belgium, the Netherlands, and especially France in the face of Blitzkrieg or, “lightning war”, tactics gave hope to Germany and to Italy who, now convinced of Germany’s inevitable European victory, decided it was time to enter the war and reap the potential benefits of its German alliance. Though the US did not officially enter the war until December 1941, it had been financing British efforts through the cash and carry policy and the Lend-Lease Act, which made American goods and weapons readily available to the Allies. Axis conquest in Europe in 1940 and 1941 encouraged the Japanese to continue their expansion into French Indochina. The US responded to this occupation by instituting an oil embargo and by freezing Japanese assets in the US. The European Theatre What? When? Where? Importance/Impact? Blitzkrieg 1939 Germany was a tactic based on speed and surprise and needed a military force to be based around light tank units supported by planes and foot soldiers Luftwaffe 1935 Germany This air war rained bombs on greatly populated areas, especially London, which killed more than fourty thousand British civilians. Lebensraum 1941 Germany one of the major political ideas of Adolf Hitler, and an important component of Nazi ideology. Operation Barbarossa 1941 Germany was the largest military operation in human history in both man power and casualties. US and USSR
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37B - AP World 37B Reading Guide Date: 03.06.11 Pd: 2 Name:...

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