37C - AP World 37C Reading Guide Date:03.06.11 Pd: 2 Name:...

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AP World 37C Reading Guide Name: Destiny Sze Date:03.06.11 Pd: 2 1) In a paragraph, summarize “Neither Peace nor War” (p. 1054 - 1058) The unlikely wartime alliance between Great Britain, the US, and the Soviet Union had held in the face of the greater threat each believed Hitler posed, even though tensions were obvious between the three allies. Differences in, postwar visions included war crime trials, redrawn national boundaries, timelines for occupations, and the creation of a United Nations. Stalin was insistent on his plans for eastern Europe despite pressure from Churchill and Roosevelt to allow free elections in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Communist governments were installed in all Soviet-occupied regions of eastern Europe, much to the dismay of Great Britain and especially the US. The Allies did agree on the dismantling of the former Axis nations and their possessions. Images Reality Of peace: Soviet and US soldiers clasping hands in camaraderie at the Elbe River, celebrating their victory over the Germans Align postwar nations on one side or the other centered on areas that were liberated by the Soviet or the US
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37C - AP World 37C Reading Guide Date:03.06.11 Pd: 2 Name:...

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