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Ch. 29/ 30/ 35 Test Study Guide Online Quizzes/ Jeopardy The most recent common ancestor of all land plants was most similar to modern-day members of which group? Charophycea Which of the following characteristics, if observed in an unidentified green organism, would make it unlikely to be a charophycean? Apical meristem Adaptation for life on land that allowed for protection from desiccation Cuticle Plant spores give rise directly to Gametophytes Each of the following is a general characteristic of bryophytes EXCEPT Vascular tissue The sori of ferns are both homologous and analogous to which structures? Cones (strobili) of gymnosperm sporophytes Where do fern antheridia develop? On the underside of the gametophyte Angiosperms are most closely related to Gymnosperms Which of the following characteristics do mosses, liverworts, and hornworts share? Reproductive cells in gametangia; embryos Sporophylls can be found in which of the following? Pterophytes All of the following structures are found in cells of angiosperm and gymnosperm gametophytes except Chloroplasts Which of the following most closely represents the male gametophyte of seed-bearing plants? Pollen grain Gymnosperms differ from both extinct and extant ferns because they Have pollen Which structure is common to both gymnosperms and angiosperms? Ovule Carpels and stamens are Modified sporophylls Double fertilization means that angiosperms Have two sperm nuclei, both of which unite with nuclei of the female gametophyte A stamen consists of a(n) Anther and filament Which of the following traits is NOT shared by most angiosperms?
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Ch29.30.35 - C h. 29/ 30/ 35 Test Study Guide Online...

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