Ch40.41.42 - 42 TSG cfw_Online Quizzes Which of the...

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CHAPTER 40, 41, 42 TSG {Online Quizzes} Which of the following is true of interstitial fluid? it provides for the exchange of materials between the blood and body cells Collagenous fibers are primarily found in what type of animal tissue? connective Which of the following fibers are responsible for the resistant property of tendons? collagenous fibers What is the functional unit of nervous tissue? neuron Which of the following layers of the stomach is best described as being composed primarily of epithelial tissue? mucosa Of the mechanisms by which organisms exchange heat with their surroundings, which one results only in loss of heat from the organism? evaporation Which of the following organisms controls its body temperature by behavior ONLY? Green frog Which muscle tissue is responsible for voluntary movement? skeletal muscle only An animal that migrates great distances would obtain the greatest benefit from storing its energy as Fats Some nutrients are considered "essential" in the diets of certain animals because They cannot be manufactured by the organism Which of the following terms could be applied to any organism with a digestive system? Heterotroph Which of these animals has a gastrovascular cavity? Hydra After ingestion, the first type of macromolecule to be worked on by enzymes in the human digestive system is Carbohydrate What part of the digestive system have secretions with a pH of 2? Stomach
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Ch40.41.42 - 42 TSG cfw_Online Quizzes Which of the...

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