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AP Biology Midterm Study Guide CROSSWORD coenzyme that transfers electrons from the krebs to the mitochondrial electron-transport chain at a lower level than that of electrons entering at the beginning of the chain FADH organization of cells into tissues and organs morphogenesis synthesized at the ribosomes proteins site of glucose synthesis chloroplast what the inactive x chromosome condenses into due to methylation barr body a membrane bound electron carrier found in the electron transport systems of both aerobic respiration and photosynthesis cytochrome phase in which carbon fixation occurs during photosynthesis calvin cycle evolved from photosynthetic prokaryotes chloroplast reaction that requires water to break up polymers hydrolysis probability that the genotype Aa will be produced by the parents Aa x Aa fifty compound that is used for insulation lipids rate of migration of dna fragments on agarose gel is due to their size used to postioon nucleotides during dna replication dna polymers cancer-causing gene oncogene dna and rna are examples of this nucleic acids consists of an operator, promoter, and genes it controls operon circular piece of dna plasmid site of conversion of chemical energy of glucose to atp mitochondria ultimate source of genetic variability mutation final electron acceptor for cellular respiration oxygen found in retroviruses that produce DNA from an RNA template reverse transcriptase the end produce on an enzymatic pathaway can switch off its pathway by binding to the allosteric site of an enzyme in the pathway feedback inhibition in a ____ solution the cell will lose water to its surroundings hypertonic used to synthesize mRNA DNA polymerase an intermediate electron acceptor for oxidations that occur in both glycolysis and in the krebs cycle
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NAH water enters and leaves plant cells primarily by this process osmosis site of modification and packaging of proteins and lipids prior to export from the cell golgi apparatus make up cell membranes phospholipids plant cells contain these large structures that store water and other substances vacuole condition in which there are barriers to interbreeding between individuals of the same species separated by a portion of a mountain range geographic isolation probability that the genotype TTSs will be produced by parents TTSs x TtSS twenty five ends in the death of a host cell lytic cycle includes glycogen, glucose, and cellulose carbohydrates clinging of one substance to another adhesion used during replication to attach Okazaki fragments to each each other DNA ligase produces genetically identical cells mitosis ONLINE QUIZZES All organisms on your campus make up A community DNA is composed of building blocks of Nucleotides Which of the following properties or processes do we associate with living things? Evolutionary adaptation, energy processing, responding to the environment, growth and reproduction. (all
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MidtermTSG - AP Biology Midterm Study Guide CROSSWORD...

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