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AP BIOLOGY UNIT 8 STUDY GUIDE CROSSWORD 1. morphological similarities of two species is likely due to _____ a. convergent evolution 2. shared derived characters a. homologous 3. kingdom that was derived due to organisms not fitting into the other kingdoms a. protista 4. more stable molecule than RNA and has fewer mutations a. DNA 5. Earth’s early atmosphere was probably lacking this a. Oxygen 6. an ordered division of organisms into categories a. taxonomy 7. if pandas and humans belong to the same phylum, they must also belong to the same a. kingdom 8. diversification of animals in the late Proterozoic is a part of this hypothesis a. snowball earth 9. not yet synthesized in lab experiments studying the origin of life a. probionts 10. rocklike structure composed of many layers of bacteria and sediment a. stromatolites 11. Panthera pardus is name of a _______ a. species 12. can be both self-replicating and catalytic a. RNA 13. provided evidence that prokaryotes evolved before eukaryotes a. fossils 14. number of domains a. three 15. have cell walls and are heterotrophic a. fungi 16. likely first genetic material a. RNA polymer 17. shared primitive characters a. homologous 18. bat wing and butterfly wing a. analogous 19. _____ and bacteria are the two prokaryotic domains a. archaea 20. first organic compounds on Earth may have first formed here a. deep sea vents 21. origin probably due to infolding of the plasma membrane a. endoplasmic reticulum 22. a taxon, all of whose members have the same common ancestor a. polyphyletic 23. the most general outgrouping of organisms a. domain 24. provides evidence that allows prokarotes to be assigned into two different domains
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