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AP BIOLOGY: UNIT 8 CROSSWORD CROSSWORD Chloroplasts are thought to have come from originally ________ Cyanobacteria A protist in which many are heterotrophic, unicellular, and photosynthetic Euglena Kingdom that gets energy by absorbing nutrients Fungi Gets energy from chemicals Chemotroph Made of fungi and green algae or fungi and cyanobacteria Lichen A primary producer that is a protist Diatom Originated from engulfed, originally free-living prokaryotes Mitochondria Root word that means cartilage Chondr A heterotrophic protist that absorbs its food Amoeba A way to prevent bacterial growth Refrigereation A Kingdom protist is considered _______ due to the various lineages of protists Paraphyletic Root word that means head Cephal A fungi’s cell wall is made out of this Chitin A monophyletic clade of the fungi kingdom Chytrid A chemical secreted by fungi that inhibit bacterial growth Antibiotics The vector for malaria Mosquitos Present in the cell walls of gram-positive bacteria Peptidoglycan Protists are ______ Eukaryotic Phyla of consist of shelf fungi and mushrooms Basidromycete Example of ciliate Paramecium Domain that includes prokaryote organisms that live in extreme environments Archaea The primary ecological role prokaryotes is to _______ organic matter Decompose Large seaweeds belong to this protist group Brown Algae Part of the fungi that absorbs nutrients Mycelium Fungal part associated with asexual reproduction Conidium Domain that includes a nucleus Eukarya ONLINE QUIZZES Which of the following statements is correct about gram- negative bacteria? They often possess an outer membrane containing toxic lipopolysaccharides The typical prokaryotic flagellum features A complex motor embedded in the cell wall and plasma membrane. Which of the following statements about prokaryotes is correct? They divide by binary fission, without mitosis or meiosis. An organism that relies on photons to excite electrons
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