MidtermTSG - AP WORLD FINAL NOTES Name this empire-...

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AP WORLD FINAL NOTES Maps- Name this empire- Alexander the Great Roman Islam - Record of revelations during- Muhammad- Quran There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is prophet- Shahada NE Africa- Egypt was united around 3100 B.C.E by this conquer- Menes S. Asia- Earliest known civilization is India- Harappn Maps- Islamic- Abbasid Islam- This dynasty is associated with the Arab military aristocracy: Umayyad Pynasty S. Asia- 1028 hyms to gods- The 4 Vedas Maps- Achaneid Empire Mauryan Empire S. Asia- Varna hierarchy: high- low: Brahmhins/ Kshatriyas/ Naishay/ Shudras E. Asia- 4 major achievement of Tang Dynasty: transportation/ communication/ postal/ courier S. Asia- Historical stories 2 cities served as economic/ political conters: Harappa/ Mohenjo-Daro “Sub-caste”; Jati N. E Africa- Burial chambers for Pharaohs- pyramids Islam- “Struggle against vice and strugy E. Asia- Extensive use of writ. used during this dynasty- Shang E. Asia- What dynasty laid foundation for principles of government pol. Legitimacy- zhou N.E Africa- Memphi and Heppdis was major cities along- Nile Islam- logical schools analysis basis for Islamic law based on Quarn- The Sharia E. Asia- Wide disanter are conscripted labor during- Thang N.E- Exter. Invad who helped bring on to old Egyptian Kingdom- the Hyskos E. Asia- Yang Jian consolidates control of China- in Sui Pynasty N.E Africa- Egy. Society was mainly part. But shewas captain- female pharaoh Hatshepsut E. Asia- This linked network… early canals 1240 miles- The Grand Canal Second emp. Of Tang Dynasty( 627-649)- Tang Taizang Valley excellent for rice cultivation- Yangzi Valley Book of changes / song/ rituals- Confucius People poor lands/excessive herding/ domesticated horses/ bronze metalurrgy- steppe nomads Famous People- Best info of India History comes from book writer by- Megetheres India- Mauryan Empire reached highest point- Ashoka Maurya
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MidtermTSG - AP WORLD FINAL NOTES Name this empire-...

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