SocStud-10 Terms from Trail of Tears

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10 Terms from Trail of Tears 1. ceding - to surrender possession of territory through treaty 2. annexing - to incorporate(territory) into an existing political unit such as a county, state, country, or city 3. effectual - capable of producing; producing an intended effect 4. futile - useless; ineffective 5. delegation - the body of delegates chosen to represent a political unit, as a state, in
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Unformatted text preview: an assembly 6. factions- a group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious minority within a larger group 7. assenting- concurrence; agreement 8. cession- act of ceding, by treaty; something that is ceded, as a territory 9. expedite- to issue or dispatch through an official letter of document 10. compliance- the act of yielding, conforming, or acquiescence...
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