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SocStud-54thRegiment - Destiny Sze[B English Robert Gould...

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Destiny Sze [B], English May 22, 2009 Robert Gould Shaw And The 54 th Massachusetts Questions 1. Shaw describes his quarters St. Simons Island, where he and his men were stationed as beautiful. The foliage is “wonderfully thick, and the trees are covered with hanging moss, making beautiful avenues wherever there is a road or path…” He says it’s more like the tropics then he has ever seen. He could tell that the place was once really well kept, but two years of neglect almost covers all traces of former care. 2. According to Shaw’s letters, on the way toward Darien, Montgomery “threw several shells among the plantation buildings…” in a harsh, brutal way. When they arrived, Shaw described Darien as a beautiful little town. It was deserted except for a few women and negroes. 3. Upon finding out the town was deserted, Montgomery ordered all furniture and moveable to be moved onto the boats. I think he did this because he had no
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  • Robert Gould Shaw, St. Simons Island, 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Darien, Georgia, 54th Massachusetts Questions

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