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Destiny Sze [D], Soc. Stud. March 30, 2009 Jacob Lawrence Painting Flight III My name is Henry Higgins and this is my life story. I was born in South Carolina. However, my older brother, Tyler, and parents, Nathaniel and Clarissa, were born in Kenya, Africa. My mother and my father were wonderful people who dedicated their lives to protecting their children. My father was a large, tough man who, in my eyes could do anything. My mother was a loving, nurturing mother who would do anything to protect her children. We were a tight knit family and tried to eat dinner together every night. We all were strong, Christian believers and prayed every night before bed. I always wished for freedom. Tyler wished that he’d never be whipped again. Mama and papa wished that we could all be safe one day. I was always interested in hearing about what other peoples deepest wish was. They were all relatively the same. We craved freedom. Our masters were the Mr. and Mrs. Jameson. They were evil, mean, and merciless. They owned a cotton plantation in South Carolina and made all the slaves work long, unreasonable hours without rest or break. My job was to pick cotton in the day and I usually cared for all the slave children during the night. Every morning, I woke up early, got to the fields, and picked cotton until after sun down. Every night, during
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supper, my hands were blistered, swollen, and bleeding. Whippings were delivered regularly and sometimes for no reason at all. The weather was always uncomfortably hot and sometimes unbearably cold. They
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SocStud-Jacob Lawrence - Destiny Sze [D], Soc. Stud. March...

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