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SocStud-LincolnABCList - is for P roclamation is for Q uit...

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is for A bolitionist. is for B eard. is for C ivil War. is for D raft. is for E dward “Eddie” Baker Lincoln. is for F ord’s Theater is for G ettysburg Address. is for H at. is for I nauguration.
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is for J ohn Wilkes Booth. is for K entucky. is for L awyer. is for M ary Todd Lincoln. is for N ew Salem. is for O ur American Cousin.
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Unformatted text preview: is for P roclamation. is for Q uit. is for R obert Todd Lincoln. is for S lavery. is for T homas “Tad” Lincoln. is for U nion. is for V ictory. is for W illiam “Willie” Wallace Lincoln. is for X enophobic. is for Y ankee. is for Z achary Taylor....
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