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SocStud-South America Current Event

SocStud-South America Current Event - pearls in Asia are...

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Destiny Sze D bloc, Soc. Stud. February 26, 2009 Current Event South America Headline: In Venezuela, Trying to Map out Blueprint for Lost City Author: Simon Romero Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Source: http://www.iht.com/articles/2009/02/25/america/25venez.php Summary: Nueva Cadiz is an old, deserted island in ruins. It is a forgotten city that is as dry as a desert. The fishermans use the ruins as an open air outhouse and the city is not at all preserved. Before Cesar Chavez’s rise to power, there were plans to build resorts. When Chavez came to power he wanted schools, hospitals, and fisherman training centers for tourism. However, the money for the project quickly disappeared. The fisherman who fish for oysters say that the oyster meat is now more valuable than the pearls because the
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Unformatted text preview: pearls in Asia are much larger and food for one’s belly is worth more than the pearl. Reaction/Feeling: I think it’s sad that an old city from hundred of years ago is now going to ruins. The city should be preserved for future generations of research and experience. I also think it’s unfortunate that they ran out of money for their project. It could have been extremely beneficial to others in the future. I also feel that it must be difficult to live and make a living. Going by day to day trying to survive and support your family must be an exhausting task. It makes me grateful to think that we don’t have to suffer such conditions and I wish I could help make the situation better....
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