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SocStud-The Lewis and Clark Journals - Name Caleb Henry...

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Name: Caleb Henry Newman Corps of Discovery Member #35 September 03, 1805 The horses are very stiff. Today, we met with a great misfortune. Our last thermometer broke by accident. Captain Clark is quite down about it. At dusk it began to snow. After it snowed about two inches, it began to rain. The rain turned into sleet. We traveled eleven miles today. The rough, rocky mountains were so steep and immense, some of the horses fell backwards and rolled to the bottom. One was nearly killed. This day, we passed some of the worst roads ever passed. When we stopped for supper, all we had was a small portion of flour and the last of our pork which was nearly none. The hunters caught nothing. Some of the men are threatening to kill a colt since they’re so hungry but they managed to put off until tomorrow hoping we are able to hunt some game. We probably won’t though. There’s no game in these hills. It’s to cold. My feet feel like they are frozen stiff. We lay down wet, cold, hungry, and fatigued this day. Since we just started journeying through this rugged, harsh land two days ago, I figure we’ve still got quite a ways to go. Can’t imagine it gets any better from here.
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September 05, 1805 We assembled with the chiefs and warriors and spoke to them. It was with much difficulty, for we had to go through six different languages. They call themselves Eoote- lash-Schute. They are very friendly and honest people with plenty of robes and skins for
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SocStud-The Lewis and Clark Journals - Name Caleb Henry...

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