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6) HVA ohd08 - SKIN COLOR MELANIN protects against UV...

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NATURAL SELECTION DIRECTS CHANGE IN A PARTICULAR WAY GENOTYPE: genetic makeup PHENOTYPE: expression of genetic potential NATURAL SELECTION WORKS ON PHENOTYPE , NOT GENOTYPE SICKLE-CELL ANEMIA HEMOGLOBIN NORMAL ALLELE: HbA ABNORMAL ALLELE: HbS HbA HbA HbS HbS HbA HbS HUMAN DIVERSITY AND “RACE” RULE OF HYPODESCENT descent: social identity on the basis of ancestry RULE OF HYPODESCENT: a child potentially a member of two groups will be assigned to the minority group classification based on phenotype: • skin color: Caucasoid Negroid Mongoloid Polynesian Amerindian South Asian Native Australians Capoid
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CLINES: gradual changes across geographical space EVOLUTION IS LINKED TO ENVIRONMENT
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Unformatted text preview: SKIN COLOR MELANIN: protects against UV radiation sunlight--> vit D-->absorb calcium BODY SIZE and BODY SHAPE BERGMANN’S RULE: body size is larger in colder climates ALLEN’S RULE: longer appendages are adaptive in warm climates, and shorter appendages are adaptive in cold climates THOMSON’S NOSE RULE: noses are longer in colder climates, and drier climates SHORT-TERM ADAPTATION: HIGH ALTITUDE INFECTIOUS DISEASE RACE: DISCREDITED BIOLOGICAL CONCEPT, BUT POWERFUL SOCIAL CATEGORY WILLIAM DRESSLER: HYPERTENSION (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) EAST-WEST GRADIENT: AFRICA < CARIBBEAN < U.S. RACISM...
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