Final Exam Review Sheet

Final Exam Review Sheet - A nthropology 101 F inal Exam...

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Anthropology 101 Final Exam Review Sheet Affine: Relatives by marriage, whether of lineals (e.g. son’s wife) or collaterals (e.g. sister’s husband). Animism: Belief in souls or doubles Art by Appropriation: Things placed in that category by others Art by intention: Artist meant as art Art as subversive: Hmong needlework Capoeira: Afro –Brazilian Martial Art Body Art: Individuality/ Community Membership, Status Body/Face Painting Tattooing -- Maori: Tattoos Necessary for activities -- Native N. Americas: Tattoos as Privileges Piercing: Ancient Practice Scarification: Status, Achievement Bourgeoisie: One of Marx’s opposed classes; owners of the means of production (factories, mines, large farms, and other sources of subsistence) Proletariat (Working Class): Made up of people who had to sell their labor to survive Bridewealth: Gifts from husband’s family to wife’s family Cargo’s cults: Postcolonial, acculturative religious movements, common in Melanesia , that attempt to explain European domination and wealth and to achieve similar success magically by mimicking European behavior.
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Colonialism: The political, social, economic, and cultural domination of a territory and its people by a foreign power for an extended time. Colonialism and Identity: P.553 Communitas: Intense community spirit, a feeling of great social solidarity, equality, and togetherness; characteristics of people experiencing liminality together. Cross cousins: children of siblings of the opposite sex
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Final Exam Review Sheet - A nthropology 101 F inal Exam...

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