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ARCH211 W08 SOFTWARE: Rhino 4.0 DUE DATE: 9.28 (6pm) This assignment will ask you to orchestrate a transition from analog to digital geometric description. Begin by fnding a physical object and choreographing a series oF strategic cuts. The cuts should work with the Formal logic oF your object such that you will be revealing or uncovering inFormation about the object through the way you are cutting. Consider the direction(s), number, and sequence of your cuts. Find a way to register your cuts in 2D (You might consider ink, paint, graphite, or ketchup). Finally you will be asked to transfer the infor- mation you have created into a 3D digital fle (cameras, scanners, and the 3D digitizer in the Fablab might prove useful here). PROCESS: ±ind an object you can cut, slice, or hack apart. Develop a strategy to cut the object with an eye toward describing that object geometrically. Register information from your cuts to a 2D medium.
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