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ARCH211 W08 Assignment 4.1: (+) Plus SOFTWARE: Rhino 4.0 DUE DATE: 10.5 (6pm) This assignment will investigate “bottom up” strategies for digital design. Within this logic we will look at an additive system of variable stacking. The careful and varied repetition of a simple brick will aggregate into a single wall. Your stacking logic should allow for some sort of formal variation within the wall. This could include change in shape across the wall’s length and height or a series of openings between bricks (no need to account for mortar joints). The stacking of your wall should be precise, meaning that edges or faces of the brick are coincident but not passing through each other.
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Unformatted text preview: PROCESS: Design a scaffold (stacking logic) for inserting a series of bricks (small scale change from brick to brick). Array the bricks within your scaffold to form a variable wall. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (fles to be posted to your IFS space by the due date and time) : your Rhino model: 1. 4_uniqname.3dm GRADING: Grading will be based on your ability to precisely arrange entities in 3D space: Stacking - clear system of variable stacking. Modeling - Bricks are coincident but not intersecting. Layers - well organized layers to delineate stacked wall and scaffold. Wall 20 bricks wide, 30 bricks tall = 600 bricks 2.25” 3.5” 7.625” 1 brick (+)...
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