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ARCH211 W08 Assignment 5.1: (-) Minus SOFTWARE: Rhino 4.0 DUE DATE: 10.12 (11:59pm) This assignment will work within the logic of subtraction. Subtraction in digital modeling entails well-formed solids, and will introduce boolean operations into your modeling vocabulary. Working within a room sized block of space (12’x12’x10’) you will be asked to imagine three interconnected water chambers networked by chutes, pipes, tunnels, or passages. Water should be able to enter at a designated point; move through the chambers and exit your block at a designated point. Your chambers do not necessarily have to be fully enclosed within the given block of space, but they should work with the Fow of water, ±lling up the chamber to a cer - tain point and moving on to the next chamber or exit point. On the one hand you have a cave ( almost fully enclosed), on the other hand you have swiss cheese (little ability to catch water) your ±nal geometry could be
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