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Assignment_7 - Bring the images into Photoshop and delete...

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ARCH211 W08 Assignment 7.1: PSP (bodies in motion) SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop CS3 DUE DATE: 11.02 (11:59pm) As an architecture student you will doubtless spend a good bit of time Photoshopping people into your drawings. Even though this is a basic component of architectural representation, and it is easy to simply download images from google, the human Fgure should be a vital and expressive element of architectural drawing. As such, you are asked to construct the image and compose the human Fgure in action. This is one assignment where you are certainly encouraged to play. PROCESS: Get your hands on a digital camera and take a series of images (5-10) capturing bodily activity or movement.
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Unformatted text preview: Bring the images into Photoshop and delete all background information. Apply a color overlay to the Fgures in your images. Recompose the separate images into a single layout (11”x17”) Select a background color Print to pdf. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (Fles to be posted to your I±S space by the due date and time) : your layout: 1. 7_uniqname.pdf GRADING: Grading will be based on your use of the selection tools in Photoshop to create a clean color overlay: precision - clean / crisp edges to your Fgures Composition - your images are arranged such that the activity or motion you documented is clear...
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