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ARCH211 F08 Assignment 8.1: direct sensations (affects and resonance) SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS3 DUE DATE: 11.09 (11:59pm) “Architects must in effect give the building an expression that is independent from the interior yet contributes to the urban setting.” Though debatable from a polemical standpoint, The Function of Ornament does bring light to the range of surface types that can help describe otherwise “blank” typologies in design. This weeks assign- ment will ask you to find a piece of generic architecture, photograph it, and, through the use of masking and transformation techniques, bring a new architectural depth to its surfaces through rendering. PROCESS: Using a digital camera take a picture of a “blank” building that shows at least two of the building’s sides.
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Unformatted text preview: Search online for a minimum of 5 textures that can be applied to the building. Insert the textures into clipping masks. Transform the textures so that their perspectives are correct On a minimum of one surface, blend two texture layers in order to create a new texture. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (files to be posted to your IFS space by the due date and time): 1. your layout 1.8_uniquename.psd GRADING: Grading will be based on your use of layers and masks to create a well arranged file. Perspective- your textures should be sized and matched to the proper perspective of your photo Blending- one surface should be blended correctly in order to create a new surface that reads on its own...
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