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Unformatted text preview: 2.22 - Submission of CD with all required les The challenge for the second portion is two-fold. group a comARCH211 W08 a of this assignmentstyle.You will Each create will develop and plotwith plete sheet set from AutoCAD with uniform graphic also a master DWG le Xreferences to all AutoCAD les that positions the drawings Assignment 10.1: Sectional Perspective perpendicular to each other to create a glasssheet model (an early version of this le will be helpful in checking dimensions and constructed elements of the drawings against each other). Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 SOFTWARE: Rhino 4.0, DUE DATE: Secondly, you are asked to consider what elements of your building’s design you have not been able to adequately represent in the set of drawings completed thus far and to decide on one nal drawing that is intended This week’s assignment asks you to consider hybrid drawing techniques.You should revisit your 3D model from to capture this element of the design. It may be a three-dimensional view constructed from the glass-sheet project 6; save a copy; and cut it in two. Use your sectioned model to construct a section perspective of the model or it could be a zoomed-in (detail) or zoomed-out (site plan) version of a at view. Be creative and interior of your model. have fun with this drawing. 11.24 still shot from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou PROCESS: PROCESS: Group members should continue to rene drawings, ensuring that the following standards match from one Take your rhino model from project six and cut it in two. drawing to the next within the set: Make a rendering of half of your model from a side view. Create sections line from the cut. • Page Setup - Choose an appropriate Architectural sheet size and scale for your assigned building. Combine your rendering and section drawing in Illustrator. Bringlot Styles - Specied by color (acad.ctb) underadd a background and at least 4 figures.linetypes. • P your Illustrator drawing into Photoshop and Page Setup to control lineweights and Upload your drawing as a pdf. • Line Weights - Use standards when appropriate, choose for legibility if unspecied. • • Line Types - Use standards when appropriate. Title Block – Follow guidelines presented in lecture to produce a group title block. It should indicate all SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (files to be posted to your IFS space by the due date and time):the drawteam members, initials of the person (or people) who worked on the drawing, the date, the scale, ing number (ex. A-104,) and any other information you think is necessary. 1. your drawing: 10_uniqname.pdf • Symbols - Design your own or use AutoCAD libraries. GRADING: Drawing Naming Conventions - All sheets and drawings should have titles, drawing numbers, and • Sheet and scale indicated. Grading will be based on your ability to build up a drawing from raster and vector information: Lineweight your section cut only used on plan in front • North Arrow –- Design your own,should read clearlydrawingsof your rendering precision - clean / crisp edges to your figures, rendering, and background • Graphic Scale- – Design your own or use where elements align and blend(we will check that it is accurate). synthesis well constructed drawing one from an AutoCAD library together ...
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