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101 #2 - Case Incident IBMs multicultural Multinational...

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Case Incident: IBM’s multicultural Multinational Teams 1) I believe IBM’s investment in human resources to forming team is a wise decision. IBM has found that multicultural and multinational team has helped them to open up business opportunities in emerging economies, in which many are expected to have a positive impact and growth than mature markets. Besides, team allows employees to build leadership and exchange their diverse background and skills, and hence to form an effective team that would bring benefits to the organization. 2) Teams are more responsive and flexible to change events than individual and other forms of group. Individual efforts result in performance is greater than the sum of the individual inputs. Team put different personality and Difference personality traits such as conscientiousness and openness and diversity in demography of members within a team help teams to work demography together. Roles and assignment can be allocated according to member’s personality, skills and individual strengths. Successful team translates common
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