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304 lec#3 - Ch 13 Case Incident 1 Dressing for Success 1 I...

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Ch. 13: Case Incident 1: Dressing for Success 1) I think Cohen had a right to be offended, however, not by avoiding Cohen to attend the meeting. A company is managed in the way that brings about order and consistency by drawing up formal plans and monitoring against the plans. That is to say, the company has the right to monitor or offend the employee if he/she is doing something that is against the company’s plan. Therefore, employee has the responsibility to follow and cope with the company’s rules. In this case, Cohen violated the company’s rule by dressing inappropriately for meeting, and that might lead to the result of being offended. Although the company has the right to offend Cohen, I think the older colleague should not embarrass Cohen by not allowing her to attend the meeting. I believe sometimes the management should exercise coercive power over the employees, but only to the case where it’s appropriate. It will only negatively affect Cohen’s satisfaction and commitment to the company if the management exercises coercive power in this case.
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