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Chapter 5: Case Incident 1: The nice trap? 1) I do not agree that what employers want in employees (agreeable employees) contradicts with what employees actually do best (disagreeable employees). Employers like agreeable employees because they are better liked and they are more compliant and comforting to others. However, employees show disagreeableness not because they are incompliant or repulsive. They show disagreeableness mostly towards their job, they want to achieve a better performance. They are not trying to be intentionally rude, but they are more aggressive and goal oriented that they so care about the job performance. Maybe this means they are not good at working in team, but they definitely have high efficiency. What disagreeable employees do best is actually not disagreeableness, but efficiency and achievement. Agreeableness is a very important trait in employment; however, a company cannot grow without some efficient employees. 2) Agreeable people are better liked that they tend to do better in
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