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ANTHR 202 exam 1 study guide

ANTHR 202 exam 1 study guide - Anthropology 202 Exam 1...

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Anthropology 202 Exam 1 Study Guide Short Identifications: 1. Former Aborigines Protection Act Former Aborigines Protection Act happened on 1899. It was called “former” because Ainu had become Japanized later. Women were forced to switch from hunting-gathering to a farming lifestyle. They were given 13 acres land and 15 years condition to make the land productive. If they couldn’t make it, government would confiscate the land. It was difficult for them because they have no agriculture skills. So they ended up selling their lands and became laborers. 2. Hogen fuda Hogen fuda were the dialect tags that hung around the necks of Okinawan school children who made “mistake” at using Okinawan language at school. This practice continued through 1960s. It’s way in which Japanese tried to erase vestiges of previous ethnic cultural linguistic identity and impose their own. 3. Turtle- back tombs Turtle-back tombs was one of the common site of worship in Japan. It’s the place where bones of generations of ancestors stored. There’ re 35000 pieces on main- islands of Okinawa alone. It has 2 separate chambers, each with its own entrance.
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