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1 | mml-summary.doc Simmel, "The Metropolis and Mental Life" Summary of Simmel's primary claims: 1. The intellect preserves one's subjective life in the metropolis and functions as a kind of defense mechanism. 2. In an urban market economy, intellect and money are mutually reinforcing. (Cf. instrumental rationality, anonymity, exchange, interchangeability of parts.) 3. Calculated and coordinated time schedules add yet another element to the rationalization and objectification of human relations in the city. 4. Overstimulation combined with an active intellect produce the blasé attitude typical of the urban dweller. Thus, another aspect of the leveling of value occurs. (cf. nihilism) 5. The sheer number of people in a large city and their anonymity make one, of necessity, more reserved. Reserve is the outer aspect of one's inner indifference and aversion to others. This results in a heightened sense of individuality and freedom from group demands. 6.
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