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Dayal 1 Chris Dayal Ms. Baran AP Composition Period 9/10 February 23, 2011 Swastika at the Crossroads Genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of a large group of people. One of the most nefarious and malicious genocides of all-time was the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a systematic persecution and mass murder of about six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its associates in Europe. Nazis also targeted other groups such as Gypsies and the disabled due to their racial and mental inferiority and lack of ability to contribute. Today, more than one quarter of the Jewish population is affected by family losses from the Holocaust. These losses make the infamous, everlasting emblem of the swastika one of the many historical symbols that solemnize the Holocaust. Through this medium, Art Spiegelman’s graphic novels entitled Maus I and Maus II , uses the theme of abjection as it pervades throughout the text and pictures of the novel. Specifically, Spiegelman manipulates the symbol of the swastika to constantly portray the theme of abjection throughout the novel. Speigelman uses the swastika to portray the theme of abjection many times in his novels. One of the most important scenes in both books as a whole is the first time that Vladek sees the symbol. As Vladek and Anja are on their way to the sanitarium in Czechoslovakia, Vladek sees the flag for the first time. "Here was the first time I saw, with my own eyes, the swastika," says Vladek, Artie’s father, who relishes the moment as
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Dayal 2 he gazes at the center of the town to the flying the Nazi flag (
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Maus Symbolism FINAL - Dayal 1 Chris Dayal Ms Baran AP...

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