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Chris Dayal February 21, 2011 AP COMP Literature Circles Maus II Chapter 4 and 5– Visual Term Spatial Layout- Allows us to focus on one particular scene. The darkness of the moment and tension and involvement. Sraws us to Focus on this one frame. Color/Shading- Dark induces that the mood is not good. Tension- sincerity of situation. Major movement in the story is shown by slanted shading. Death is morbid. Perspective-
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Unformatted text preview: Magnifies specific scneses. • They talk about Auschwitz a lot. • Aligns readers with mice. Contrast-• Swastika is not shaded • Can symbolize pathways and dead ends. • Bigger than other panels which draws attention to many important scenes. Visual Imagery-• Furthermoure color and shading. • Rain induces dark moods. • Separate families. • Nazi with dogs, the uniforms • Prisoners of guilt....
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