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Chris Dayal February 21, 2011 AP COMP Literature Circles Maus II Chapter1-2 – Metafiction Examples of Metafiction Chapter 1 Pg 23- Mentions him writing about mother on top of dead corpses o Stresses the relationship of him and his mother as he writes. On that first page of the chapter, Spiegelman plays with our perception of time by relating the major events of his story out of order. He begins with Vladek’s death, which is shocking to the reader because we haven’t come that far in the narrative. By listing all these important moments tersely and in a matter-of-fact tone and contrasting that with him writing atop the Auschwitz victims, we see how he’s struggling both to express these occurrences to the reader and to truly understand them himself.
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Unformatted text preview: • The more forms there are, the more we will be able to synthesize a better understanding of the whole event. Spiegelman, in a distinctly post-modern way, uses metafiction throughout MAUS to bring up this issue of being able to tell a story about the Holocaust. From his conversation with his wife in the opening pages about what she should look like, the basic question he has is. Questions : • Based on the opening scene of the novel, why do you believe that Speigelman shows him typing on a body of dead corpses and you can see the mask he wears? • Do you think that the novel will grow to more happiness or hardships? What symbols do you notice to induce your thoughts?...
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