testimonies holocaust - Chris Dayal February 16, 2011...

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Chris Dayal February 16, 2011 Period 9/10 AP COMP Testimony in Literature Hy Abrahms Hy Abrahams is a survivor of one of the most horrific times in history. Betrayal and many other things that have scarred him permanently. His testimony focuses on hiding so that his family could avoid ghettoization, and various forms of persecution. His story begins when talks about how his family went into hiding. He mentions how all the Jews had to assemble in the schoolyard for confinement purposes and his father decided not to go. His grandfather, who had land in the mountains, offered them to stay there to hide so they went. Other families as well went with them. The following day, a man from their town, one that they knew, saw them there. His name was Antony. He was of German descent. He came with 2 guys that Ay knew from school, with guns. They shot at his family but missed. In then end they ended up taking them to the schoolyard. He mentions his first observations and how many Jews he saw there. As they arrived, he had heard crying. He then saw these young girls with bleeding ears. He explains how they had golden earrings that the same Antony wanted but since he couldn’t get them out he just ripped them from the girls’ ears. His family and him were shocked to know someone that they knew for such a long time was so capable inflicting pain among innocent people and how he could be so ruthless and evil. The facial and vocal expressions of Hy Abrahams impact my experience
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testimonies holocaust - Chris Dayal February 16, 2011...

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