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OPC-Analysis - Discounted rate Risk free rate plow-back...

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Discounted rate (%) : Risk free rate (%) plow-back ratio (%) PS : Dividend per Share (VND) PS : Earning per Share (VND) OE : Return on Equity (VND) growth rate (%) growth period (Year) o : Latest Dividend per share (VND) 1 : Dividend per share year 1 (VND) o : Value of Stock Price of Stock Preface Together with the development of global economics, Vietnam has entered the market of stocks and bonds with the increasing number of investors and joint stock companies in recent 3 years. Wise investors who are interested in this market also know how to earn money with careful analysis and forecast based on both technical and fundamental skills. Using financial statements and other models of stock valuation is one of many ways that helps investors to analyze the real value of the stocks as well as the valuation of companies’ business activities. Therefore, they can conclude the decision to buy stocks or not and whether buying that stocks can bring benefits for them. During the time studying Corporate Finance and the subject of Quantitative Methods in Finance, especially with the instructions of our teacher, our group including four members has found the way to put what we have learnt in reality. We have chosen the financial statements of OPC- a pharmacy joint stock company to look into the data, make comparison and give recommendation. This report is our best effort within the first period of the course. However, great thanks must be sent to our professor - Ms Nguyen Do Quyen , who have been teaching and supporting us. We still need your suggestion to complete our analysis and to have a perfect research. Our group members: Lý Th Giang Tr n Th Huy n Trang Lê Th Ng c Anh Ph m Ng c Thành A. Brief introduction 1 | P a g e
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I. About OPC Company OPC Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company whose precursor Central Pharmaceutical Factory No 26-OPC, was established on October 24, 1977. On February of 2002, OPC officially converted into Shareholding Company and became one of the earliest privatization companies in the Ministry of Health. OPC's initial charter capital is 20 billion VND and raises up to 81.9 billion VND at the present and OPC has officially quoted on the Stock Exchange of Ho Chi Minh City with Stock Code OPC. OPC specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical products originated from medicinal herbs in the manner of combining traditional medicine and modern technology, and is one of the earliest oriental pharmaceutical companies to be granted the Certificate GMP - WHO, GLP, GSP, ISO 9001: 2000. The trade name OPC has been approved over 30 years due to prestigious products such as Kidney Stone Tablet – Kim Tien Thao, OPC Eucalyptus Oil with “Me Bong Con” brand, Heart Tonic – Cortonyl, Toothache Drop – Dentanalgi, Sun Liniment, Ich Mau Extract, Vitamin effervescent tablets of all kinds, alcohol in pharmaceutical grade and products manufactured from alcohol. OPC is the first unit of the pharmaceutical domain in Vietnam to have invested efficiently
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OPC-Analysis - Discounted rate Risk free rate plow-back...

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