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Cohen Sumary - Prof. Cohen made one point clear: the longer...

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The field of Environmental Social Sciences is quite a specific field, and as a result, it requires specific knowledge to succeed in its pursuits. Professor Cohen presented the field of Environmental Social Sciences in a really unique and interesting way, which sparked our/my interest and made us think. Before delving into the subject of Environmental Social Sciences itself, Prof. Cohen answered some of the classes’ questions, many of which could be (to our surprise) answered using intuition and logic. He began his presentation by comparing America and it’s environmental policies with other large countries. According to current data, America is 25 years “behind” European countries in terms of policies and standards.
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Unformatted text preview: Prof. Cohen made one point clear: the longer America waits to change its standards, the harder it will become to pull away from oil dependency and into the green era. Prof. Cohen also discussed three major facets of the relationship between the economy and the planet’s ecology: Households, international affairs, and the Federal Government. He discussed how each of these effect both the economy and the ecology, and how a good balance between those two priorities is essential. I found Professor Cohen’s presentation captivating, especially since I have had some involvement with the environmental sciences in the past. I would love to find out more about the environmental programs here at NJIT....
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