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David Thibodeaux SS 100-001 Summary – Prof. Michael Booty 10/1/10 Professor Michael Booty, Professor in the department of Mathematical Sciences, discussed the importance of mathematics in the science of aerodynamics, as well as the overall importance of mathematics in today’s world. Through his presentation, he discussed some of the history of aerodynamics, as well as how many theorems developed long ago are still in effect today. Booty began by reviewing how aerodynamics came about as a scientific field of study. At first, many attempts at replications of wings on flying creatures were failures. Only after the Wright Brothers succeeded did the possibility of flight become a reality. After the Wright Brothers discovered this possibility, the science of aerodynamics
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Unformatted text preview: exploded into a field rich in science and mathematics, as many scientists began developing theorems and calculations to show the science behind flight. Booty then reviewed some of the aspects of aerodynamics, such as the lift theorem, irrotational flow, and boundary layers, all of which were rich in both algebraic methods and calculus. Although some of the mathematic methods were complex, the overall concepts were understandable. Through his presentation, I have learned much about the correlation between mathematics and aerodynamics. Although I most likely will not move in the direction of mathematics, I gained a great deal of insight into the world of mathematics and its contribution to the scientific world....
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