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David Thibodeaux Summary – Dr. Daniel Bunker SS 100-001 10/8/10 Dr. Daniel Bunker, professor of biological sciences at NJIT, discussed some important information regarding the biological sciences at NJIT. He began by reviewing some of the classes questions, while touching on points made in the journal excerpt entitled “Tropical Turmoil: A Biodiversity Tragedy in progress”, by Corey Bradshaw. One major question he provided insight into was the popular hot point in today’s debates: is global warming a reality? He pointed out that using a great deal of supporting evidence, it is obvious that global warming is a reality. However, he believes that the focus should not be on global warming, but rather upon the widespread issue of deforestation and extinction, which in
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Unformatted text preview: recent years has run wildly out of control. The main reason for deforestation according to Dr. Bunker is the obvious need for paper products. This demand well surpasses the rate at which trees can grow back, and as a result, deforestation continues to be a prevalent issue in today’s world. Bunker believes that if the conservation of such resources could be matched with tax incentives, etc., then deforestation could be slowed. Without an incentive against deforestation, no change will occur. Dr. Bunker’s presentation was informative and interesting, and I believe that Biology is a viable option as a major for me, as I am very interested in the way living creatures and plants operate....
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