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David Thibodeaux Summary – Prof. Mitra 10/14/10 Somenath Mitra, a professor of chemistry at NJIT, discussed nanotechnology and how it is used in today’s world. He also talked about some future possibilities of how nanotechnology can contribute to our daily lives. He began by discussing the history of nanotechnology, and how over time, scientists have been able to continually reduce the size of technology to mere nanometers. In the 1920s, scientists began to toy with miniature technology – through this research, micro-technology was introduced, and by the 1990s, nanotechnology became a reality. Contrary to popular belief, many uses of nanotechnology are very commonplace.
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Unformatted text preview: People usually attribute nanotechnology to small robots or machines, but nanotechnology is far beyond simple machines. Professor Mitra discussed some applications of nanotechnology towards everyday items such as sunscreen and sugar, where the effectiveness of sunscreen and the taste of sugar could be enhanced using nanotechnology. I found Prof. Mitra’s presentation quite informative. Many of the assumptions I had about nanotechnology were wrong, and I gained much interest as a result of the presentation. I may consider chemistry or chemical engineering a major, as I am quite interested in nanotechnology and how it contributes to our lives....
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