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Chapters 4-5 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms Tipiere American...

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Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American Literature Acc. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Chapters 4-5 Notes Opinion of McMurphy: Nurse Flinn asks Ratched what she thinks of McMurphy. Ratched thinks that he’s a manipulator who plans to take over. Nurse Flinn wonders why he would want to do that and Ratched reminds her it’s an institution for the insane. Nurse Ratched: Big Nurse likes everything under her control, and also likes to control the Outside as well. Chief thinks of Ratched as part of the Combine, a sort of group of controlling people who try to manipulate the Inside ward, and the Outside world as well. The Big Nurse wants such perfect control that she hopes every patient becomes a wheelchair Chronic. She even creates a perfectly subservient staff to fit what she wants. If a doctor does not conform to her wishes, she makes him so miserable that he begs for a transfer. Nurse Ratched has gotten rid of tons of orderlies who didn’t conform to what she wanted. The ones she keeps are all black, referred to by Chief as “the black boys.” The Black Boys: The first orderly she kept had seen his mother raped while his father stood by. The other two orderlies came two years later. According to Ratched, the darker they are, the more likely they are to keep clean. They are in such sync; Ratched doesn’t even have to communicate what she wants. Daily Life at the Ward: 6:45 Shavers buzz and the Acutes line up to get shaved, followed by Walkers and Wheelers. 7:00 Mess hall opens, and they enter in reverse order. 7:30 Back to the Day Room 7:45 Orderlies tape catheters to those who need them 8:00 Medications for the Acutes, then Chronics, then Wheelers, then Vegetables
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If someone asks what they’re being required to swallow, they are punished. Taber asks, and is forced to spend the morning mopping bathrooms. Chief once saw what was in the medication: wires and grids (hallucinations). 8:20
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Chapters 4-5 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms Tipiere American...

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