Chapters 6-8 Notes

Chapters 6-8 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American...

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Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American Literature Acc. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Chapters 6-8 Notes Fat Man: One Christmas at midnight, someone who fits the description of Santa Claus stumbles into the ward. The orderlies corner him, and keep him in the ward for six years before he is discharged. Nurse Ratched’s methods of control: Ratched controls the speed of time, slowing it down or speeding it up to keep things under her control. She usually makes time move at a slow crawl, to make everyone go crazy. Sometimes instead of fog, she lets a chemical gas through the vents, turning the whole ward solid and still when she changes the gas to plastic. On those days, Chief struggles to get free from the plastic to use the bathroom, and pees his pants. Fog usually makes it easy to lose track of time, but with McMurphy there, there has been no fog. McMurphy and the music: McMurphy is playing cards with the others, and the music coming through the speakers drives him nuts. The music is basically always on, but most of the patients have learned to tune it out. McMurphy decides to get the music turned off, no matter what it takes. Harding warns him that getting the music off will make Ratched angry, a good way for McMurphy to lose his bet about getting Ratched’s skin without punishment. Gambling: Chief watches McMurphy play cards with the others, and exposing them to freedom through gambling. The patients are really scared, so McMurphy lets them win.
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Chapters 6-8 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American...

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