Chapters 9-11 Notes

Chapters 9-11 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms Tipiere American...

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Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American Literature Acc. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Chapters 9-11 Notes Breakfast: At breakfast, McMurphy is loud, thinking that Nurse Ratched is going to be easy to break. Chief observes that McMurphy simply caught Ratched off guard with the towel episode, and expects her to actually come back stronger. McMurphy tries to goad Billy Bibbit into laughter by pretending to reminisce about the two of them being with prostitutes (twitches) in Seattle, which of course didn’t actually happen. Billy grins while McMurphy makes up stories of prostitutes being impressed by Billy’s penis. McMurphy loves breakfast: McMurphy is very happy: being served decent food, better than he got working at the farm. He flirts with the cook and the girl who pours coffee. He offers to pinch some food to give to the black boy, who refuses it because it is against ward policy to eat with the patients. McMurphy eats three bananas right in front of him to bring sense to him. Watching the clock: The clock is lying, saying it is only 7:15… it is actually closer to 8. McMurphy points out that the clock is like a target, so he bets some of the Acutes that he can hit the face of the clock with a chunk of butter. The Acutes win back their money when McMurphy’s butter hits the wall wide left of the clock. McMurphy wins the money back after betting again how quickly the butter will slide down the wall. Ratched’s Authority: McMurphy spends the morning playing blackjack, and he is irritated by the music. Nurse Ratched asserts her authority and tells him she won’t turn off the music when he asks her to. She tells him he’s acting selfish because the Chronics have no entertainment if they don’t listen to music.
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Chapters 9-11 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms Tipiere American...

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