Chapters 12-15 Journal

Chapters 12-15 Journal - the rest of the patients watch the...

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Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American Literature Acc. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Chapters 12-15 Journal These chapters, especially the fifteenth, reinforce McMurphy’s capable and cunning ability to drive Nurse Ratched mad. Perhaps he is winning the “war” between her mechanism of control and the free will of the patients. He also has great persuasive power, as he alone is able to get all of the Acutes on his side, and on top of that, even gets Chief’s vote. I’m finding it curious that nobody is suspicious when Chief raises his hand. I thought everyone thought he was deaf. Furthermore, McMurphy drives Nurse Ratched the craziest when he and
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Unformatted text preview: the rest of the patients watch the blank television screen just to make a point that she’s not in control. We are also exposed to Nurse Ratched’s innate obsession for control (some might deem it an evil quality), when she lets it slip to McMurphy that he is “under [her] jurisdiction” and total control. She’s absolutely totalitarian, and McMurphy, so far, is devising a feasible way to take her down. However, she possesses powers that even McMurphy can’t combat, like EST and the lobotomy, and hopefully she won’t have to rely on using those to make her point....
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