Chapters 16-18 Notes

Chapters 16-18 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American...

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Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American Literature Acc. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Chapters 16-18 Notes Paranoid Chief: Everyone is watching the Big Nurse to see what she’ll do. Chief remembers he’s supposed to be cleaning the staff room, but he’s too afraid to move. One of the orderlies watches Chief for a long time. Then, he comes over, puts a bucket of soap and water on his arm, and tells him it’s time for work. Chief doesn’t move (thinking it’s a trick). The orderly helps him to his feet and down the hall. Chief in the Staff Room: Chief notices green light seeping out of the staff room. He says that whenever the staff meeting is over, there is green all over the walls, and chairs he has to clean off. Poisons seep right out of the staff’s skin, and he needs to clean up the poison seepage. Big Nurse lets him into the staff room, and he notices her face is back to normal. Nurse Ratched stares at him, and Chief knows she’s wondering how Chief heard McMurphy asking him to vote. Chief turns his back to her and starts cleaning off the green slime, pretending she’s not there. Then she realizes the whole staff is staring at her. The Staff Meeting: Everyone assumes that Chief is totally deaf, which allows him to spy on the staff meeting. The meeting is about McMurphy, a disturbance on the ward. At this point, Nurse Ratched usually takes over, but today says nothing. The doctor continues.
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Chapters 16-18 Notes - Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American...

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