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Chapters 23-24 Journal - patients that he is stronger than...

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Max Sauberman Ms. Tipiere American Literature Acc. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Chapters 23-24 Journal In these chapters, we see the rekindling of the competition between McMurphy and Nurse Ratched, we learn of an entirely new side of Chief, and we also see a great friendship being formed, even on the basis of empathy, which always seems to be a literary indicator of a true friendship. The first question that arises when reading is if Nurse Ratched was justified in punishing the patients, and I think she absolutely was. McMurphy was wrecking havoc and inhibiting her regime for a controlled ward. If a controlled ward is what’s going to make these patients better, there should absolutely be some discipline for their refusal to listen during the World Series. The next question that arises is if McMurphy should have retaliated the way he kid, reigniting the conflict between them, reasserting his yearning for control of the ward, and reconfirming to the rest of the
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Unformatted text preview: patients that he is stronger than Nurse Ratched is. By breaking the window, he is doing all of these things, and it absolutely fits his character to do this. I knew that McMurphy wasnt just going to wait it out and not try to win control again, for that wouldnt make an interesting novel. We also are exposed to a new side of Chief, a Chief that isnt afraid to talk and speak his mind. Perhaps this is a beginning of a large transformation for our narrator. We also see the most unlikely of friendships form, between McMurphy and Chief; the role model and the admirer. By learning about both of their pasts, they both have had experiences in which they feel unheard, and people simply dont listen to them. I think this is whats bringing them together so well, and I think that they both will help each other get what they want for the rest of the book: Chief to be content with himself, and McMurphy to be freed from Nurse Ratcheds regime....
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