535H1 - students enrolled in the class. 4. Print the names...

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HOMEWORK 1 SUBMISSION: Print screen all your work and paste to MS Word. Hand in Hardcopy in the class on March 28. We do NOT accept any homework after due date. THE DATABASE This project will use a database containing university-type data. The schema of the database is provided below (keys are in bold). Use MS Access . student ( sid , sname, sex, age, year, gpa) dept( dname , numphds) prof( pname , dname) course( cno , cname, dname ) major( dname , sid ) section( dname , cno , sectno , pname) enroll( sid , grade, dname , cno , sectno ) Insert at least 8 records in each table. QUERIES Write SQL queries that answer the questions below (one query per question) and the query answers should be duplicate free, but you should use distinct only when necessary. 1. Print the names of professors who work in departments that have fewer than 20 PhD students. 2. Print the name(s) of student(s) with the highest gpa.
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3. For each Computer Sciences class, print the cno, sectno, and the average gpa of the
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Unformatted text preview: students enrolled in the class. 4. Print the names and section numbers of all classes with more than five students enrolled in them. 5. Print the name(s) and sid(s) of the student(s) enrolled in the most classes. 6. Print the names of departments that have one or more majors who are under 15 years old. 7. Print the names and majors of students who are taking one of the Mathematics courses. (Hint: Youll need to use the "like" predicate and the string matching character in your query.) 8. For those departments that have no majors taking a Mathematics course, print the department name and the number of PhD students in the department. 9. Print the names of students who are taking both a Computer Sciences course and a Mathematics course. 10. Print the age difference between the oldest and youngest Computer Sciences major(s)....
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535H1 - students enrolled in the class. 4. Print the names...

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