2004 EE 164 Problem Set 3

2004 EE 164 Problem Set 3 - index fiber. Compute the...

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EE 164 Problem Set 3 Spring 2004 Problem 1 An LED device composed of GaAlP semiconductor material is emitting at a wavelength of 650nm. Calculate the bandgap energy for the above material. Problem 2: If an optical source coupled to a fiber is forward biased with a biasing voltage of 1.75 V will generate a forward current of 24 mV . Assuming diode internal efficiency of 1.5% and coupling angle of 30 ° . a) Find the coupling efficiency. b) Calculate the optical power coupled into the fiber. Problem 3: The Butt method is used to couple an optical source into both a step-index and graded
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Unformatted text preview: index fiber. Compute the coupling efficiency for both cases for the given operating parameters: a) Transmissivity of the medium 0.8 b)Refractive index of the medium between source and fiber 1.2 c) Radius of the fiber core: 0.9 x y − d) Fiber numerical aperture 0.45 Problem 4: When an LDA source operating at 30 C ° is forward biased with 2 V it generates 50 mA of forward current. If the source is to operate at 45 ° , calculate the mean time between failures (MTBF)....
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