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EE 164 Problem Set 1

EE 164 Problem Set 1 - EE 164 Problem 1 Problem Set 1...

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EE 164 Problem Set 1 Spring 2004 Problem 1 An optical ray with 0 λ of 640nm traveling through another medium measures a wavelength of 427nm. a) Find Index of refraction of the other medium ( ) 2 n b) Find the Velocity of the ray in the other medium ( ) 2 v c) Find the angle of incident 1 θ if the angle of refraction 2 θ is equal to 33 ° Problem 2 An optical beam travels through a glass tube filled with Helium gas. If the combined attenuation due to absorption and scattering ( ) a b a a + is equal to 7.2 and the ratio of the output/input ( ) / o in I I intensities is 0.354, compute the length ( ) d of the tube. Problem 3: A monochromatic optical ray of wavelength λ equals to 680nm is incident upon a
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